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We offer design and manufacturing of moulds for the Plastics and Die Cast Industries, specialize in both thermoplastic and thermoset injection moulds. We can help our clients, using our CAD software, to develop their idea from a concept to the finished product. We can provide solid models developed from 2D drawings or reversed engineered from existing samples.

Our CNC machining and programming capabilities enables us to provide prototype tooling and products accurately and efficiently from a range of materials. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with low or high volume production machining and if the application requires secondary operations; such as sandblasting, anodizing or plating; we will look after these services for you as well.

  • 2D/3D Design
  • DXF,DWG,IGES,SAT&STL Translations
  • CADKEY & FASTSURF Softwares
  • SOLIDWORKS Software
  • 3 1/2 , ZIP & CD ROM Drives

  • 2 Vertical CNC Machines
  • SMARTCAM Software
  • ESPRIT Software
  • Maximum Travel X=30" Y=24" Z=21"
    - IN HOUSE TOOL ROOM (Partial List) -         
  • EDM Machines - 14"X22"X15" DP.Tank
  • Lathes - Maximum Diameter 18"
  • Radial Drill Presses
  • 3 Milling Machines
  • Surface Grinders - 12" X 24" Table
  • Forklift Truck - Max. Lift Capacity 2 Tons
  • 12" Optical Comparator